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Cooking has always been considered a form of art, transcending cultural boundaries and uniting people.

JoannArtieda is a gastronomic research studio dedicated to the sweet world and specialized in food technology and science.

We are a team of creative professionals, who operate a portfolio of restaurants and international projects. We offer advisory and consulting services and are passionate about creating exceptional experiences for our clients around the world. We develop and design classic or innovative custom pastry and pastry projects. With years of experience, our team is focused on business sustainability and personalized service to help our clients grow in the competitive culinary industry.


We contribute our savoir-faire, creativity, ideas and way of understanding pastry to the creation of new projects. We offer a comprehensive and private service aimed at the food industry according to market trends, implementing and optimizing the necessary industrial processes.

IDENTITY Each creation is based on a concept. Analyzing the environment, culture and capabilities of the project, to guarantee its viability.

INNOVATION & CREATIVITY We test all ideas and thoughts to generate new trends in the sweet world (we also like tradition).

FLAVOR & TEMPORALITY The techniques are always subordinated to flavor, never to aesthetics or presentation. We look for and prioritize kmO and fresh products of each season.

BALANCE We are committed to balanced, lighter and healthier proposals, adapting to cultural tastes.

VIABILITY It consists of determining whether the ideas developed for the company or industry have the technical resources to meet the requirements and objectives of the project and carry them out successfully.


GASTRONOMIC STRATEGY A well-executed brand strategy influences all aspects of the business and is directly related to consumer needs, emotions and competitive environments. To achieve the client's business goals, a long-term and short-term plan for brand development is needed. We tell the brand's story through the core beliefs and guiding principles of its founders.

CULINARY IDENTITY We create a unique sweet narrative for customers to meaningfully interact with the project, from memorable creations to powerful innovative resources, living in both the sweet gustatory and visual worlds.

BRAND EXPERIENCE When we talk about holistic experience, we are referring to the sensory cues that the consumer or audience will associate with it. These details are personal and indelible and are what convert brand knowledge into brand loyalty.

COMMUNICATION One of the central activities of del mundo dulce management is to transmit a meaningful and focused message that maintains the brand image and its position in the market.


BUSINESS Synergies, collaborations, we develop ephemeral, unique and successful projects. Gastronomic events, pop-ups...

TRAINING We are passionate about gastronomic training and that is why we share our experience, knowledge and way of understanding the sweet world through courses and training.

FOOD INDUSTRY A comprehensive service aimed at the food industry. We analyze market trends, develop innovative products and implement them by optimizing the necessary industrial processes.

GASTRONOMIC SOLUTIONS Creative solutions for the hotel industry. Strategies, concepts, experiences, proposals and exclusive products. Design, development and implementation of a tailored sweet offer. Creation of projects around the world of chocolate. Room service and gastronomic experience.

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